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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our firm different?


In the practice of law there is no substitute for efficient preparation. We use more advanced and state of the art technology to assist us in our legal proceedings . Technology is more than an efficient means of communicating, it has transformed the way informed professionals practice law. From legal research, calendar management and day-to-day client transactions, to the efficient preparation of monthly statements, we rely on modern technology to quickly deliver quality services. We believe the use of technology benefits our clients as follows:


Communications: Improved communication channels serves as a transparent, but reliable, link between all members of our firm and each individual client.


Efficiency: Rapid turnaround through the use of electronic tools and resources.


Cost Effectiveness: Our approach saves time by building upon existing foundations for research and the creation of legal documents.


Quality: Work quality is improved with the application of constantly updated, improved or revised work product, software, and laws.


Information: Instant access to reliable databases for monitoring ever changing laws, trends, opinions, and information in our practice areas.


We believe this approach helps us meet our goal of providing each client with quality legal services that are delivered in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.


How does the billing process work?


Our fee structure is developed to provide you with reasonable costs for our services. With our fee schedule, if costs are not incurred you are not charged. Most of our fees can be amortized over a period of time. Our fees are based on the actual time spent, we do not provide surprise billing. You are aware of the charges before they are incurred. Additionally, you authorize the legal services you require and are only charged for what is requested. We provide services based on your needs and not billable hour quotas.


Who will oversee my case?


All cases will be handled by Attorney Adesioye. She is primarily responsible for client communication, establishing case strategies, managing the delivery of legal services. As a small law firm, our clients have regular contact and accessibility to Attorney Adesioye.


Can costs be minimized without hurting my case?


We strive to balance cost-effective legal services with meritorious results. Each case is evaluated based on it s unique facts and circumstances. The more we know about the facts and circumstances of a case, the better we can anticipate and help manage legal issues and their related costs. Effective communication at every stage of a legal matter, coupled with the use of technology in the delivery of our legal services, enables us to serve clients in an affordable manner. By emphasizing effective communication, we minimize costs without compromising our clients rights.


How much will it cost?


Legal costs can differ greatly depending on the facts and circumstances of each case and the type of fee agreement. We offer a variety of fee agreements based on your particular case and circumstance.

We accept cases from all 50 States, and around the world!

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